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ITA TaeKwonDo

Yellow belt one-steps

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1. Right front kick, right high block (right back stance], right middle knifehand strike, right side kick; hands in guard position, double step back.              KIYAY

2. Step left 45 degrees to evade (left front stance), right reverse hooking block grab, right double round kick, push arm down, feet together, left spin outside crescent hands in guard position, double step back.       KIYAY

3. Step back with right leg (left back stance), #3 left slide side kick, left outer forearm block (front stance), right middle punch, left high palm heel strike, right inner knifehand strike, step back with left foot, right front kick; hands in guard position, double step back.     KIYAY

4. Slide left to evade, left outside block (sitting stance], right then left middle punch, right outside crescent kick, left round kick; hands in guard position, double step back.              KIYAY

5. Left front kick, step left 45 degrees, right double side kick, right high knifehand strike (sitting stance), right shoulder grab, right leg sweep left reverse punch.           KIYAY

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